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PLEASE DO NOT POST IN THE [ profile] bau_inbox. THANK YOU.

Murry had church this evening so I watched Criminal Minds all by myself. The last time I did that was the one with the wolf pack killing the people in DC. Its not as fun alone, I dont have anyone to talk to. The TV and the cat dont answer back. But lets get to it, shall we.....

Did Boyd have some anger management issues or what? My spidey sense was kinda going off when he came to the sheriff being all "helpful". I knew that wasnt right?

Did anyone else's stomach drop when they mentioned budget cuts? Bernero loves to kick us in the nuts, I can just see Strauss making Hotch lose a member of his team at the end of the season. I just totally dont trust this show anymore not to beat me about the head with a blunt instrument. Or threatening to until I lose my mind with worry and then nothing much happens.

I am so Prentiss anti-fringe. I just wanted to say that aloud. I still love her though.

JJ's "Eww, the tongue and everything", I giggled a lot at that moment. A little inappropriate, maybe, but I still did.

I did the same when Emily brought up yucky smells being in your mouth.....oh god, I know from experience how bad that sucks. That whole scene with Emily was funny actually, as was the bickering with Morgan about the gun in the car, especially after the Hotch and Rossi conversation and her having no fuckin clue about football positions was classic. While I've heard of a safety, I have no damn idea what they do.

The BAU looks good in shades.

I felt so bad for that sheriff, coming to that town to slow down and then ending up like that. What a horrible way to go.

I am so in love with Prentiss when she speaks Spanish. I was stoked when I knew they were going to a border town because I knew it was coming. It's just sexy.

More Garcia now!!!!!! I just thought I'd put that out there. When she calls Hotch "my liege" it always makes me smile though.

Again with the lack of pathology. We got a profile, that's nice, but no why? I mean, the other deputy, the one he killed whose name I cant remember because my memory sucks gave more of an idea why he was sick of things than the guy doing the killing. I heard Morgan reading something about his father dying at that place. Did I miss something? I can admit to not paying as much attention as when Murry is around. I paid a lot, but not undivided.

I dont quite know about this episode, it was on for an hour but I dont feel like very much happened. Do I love watching my favorite profilers in action....hells yes....but nothing much happened. Was that just me? Maybe it was just one of those "filler" episodes. Still, I dont have much bad to say about it.

I still kinda, sorta got a fic idea with nil on the subtext. I'm thanking the fic goddesses, me and Ed Bernero arent on speaking terms right now.

No preview for next week. Not a good sign, really really not a good sign. How long will I have to wait this time to see a new episode?

So, what did you guys think? Murry just got home, I filled her in a little bit, and now I'm gonna finish up my Something More fic and take my butt to bed.
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