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DO NOT POST IN THE [ profile] bau_inbox. THANK YOU.

After three weeks my show is back and its back strong. I still have some bones to pick with Mr. Bernero but I love him too. So lets get to it, shall we?

OMG, I loved this episode. It was great from the word go....I was just boggled and intrigued, and I love that feeling.

Simple in its storytelling, it weaved a lot of stories into one and had a good storyline and resolution. It didnt have the huge, pop-off ending that leaves you breathless but throughout Murry and I were just like "for real?, Well OK". And now the highlights.....

*Rossi calling Garcia kitten. I just loved that.
*Rossi not paying much attention to Reid talking about The Illustrator Man.
*Sin to win weekend in AC and Emily wins big. Fuck yeah!
*Hotch without his suit jacket. Ugly ties or not, it does not take much for that man to be super sexy.
*Pregnant partner who wanted a daughter more than anything. So sad. The poor woman was just sad as hell.
*I couldnt help but wonder who was doing the voice over as she was reading the Unsub's letter. His voice sounded familiar.
*Damn, Morgan is FINE and Prentiss looks so good in red. And thus ends the shallow portion of this post. Oh wait, one more thing...if Prentiss' clothes got any tighter....not quite a complaint, I'm just saying.
*I'm kinda over JJ being mom. First she had little to no personality, though not an unlikable character, and now she is just Mom. I would like to know JJ. Dont know if its gonna ever happen but it would be nice.
*Garcia not letting Prentiss interrupt her *ta-da*.....I love her the mostest.
*The end with Prentiss, Reid, and Morgan. I love my team shits and giggles. And I always wonder what Morgan listens to on his iPod. I have a feeling he takes his music very seriously.

Subtext for all the ships but mine, Bernero is a cruel bastard. For real. Sin to win weekend gives me plenty to work with though, believe me. And watching her bitch Reid at cards was worth the price of admission.

Scene in the tattoo parlor....priceless. I really loved Rossi this week and that made me feel sooooo good. Because I love loving him. I loved my whole team, and I loved this episode.

Next week looks like trauma for Garcia and holy hell, the team is wearing coats. Five damn seasons and I've never seen Hotch in a coat. And did you see....he's standing next to Prentiss. C'mon Ed, hook a sistah up. I love you boy!

What did you guys think? Oh, and I now have 6 people who have given in and read a Rossi/Strauss and that makes me happier than a pig in slop. Who's next? Give it a try. Liking it isnt a requirement but you'll never know if you dont try. My latest AU, Of Facial Hair and Freudian Slips is up at [ profile] lairofthemuses.
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