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PLEASE DONT POST IN THE [ profile] bau_inbox. THANK YOU.

Receptionist Kim may be getting fired tomorrow. In other news, I wrote my TV show within a fic fic that I had been working on. It's the sequel to Jack 'Pres' Preston, and I had a blast writing it. I also decided that I need to stop being so crabby about things I can do nothing about including the opinions of others and just love my show, my ships, and everything else I skip over. The popular kids are always going to be the popular kids and I'm always gonna be me. The beat goes on. And now the show.....

I dont even know where to start.....I fuckin loved this episode. Yes, this is my show....this is what I want to see. The girls gabbing about men, Penelope and the indescribable coffee and the shopping for Henry, Rossi in an undone bow tie *falls over*

Not much subtext but who cares, the door was opened so many times tonight for a couple of different ships....I'll just step through and see what's behind it.

Mmm, Morgan....."I am not sleeping with Reid". And Penelope calling dibs....priceless. The conversation with Kevin just made me laugh more. Did you see his hair? He'd just gotten to work? Did Penelope accidentally pack his brush in her stuff? He's so adorable....I love that kid.

Morgan and Garcia, I love them so much. Saying he would protect her everyday of his life and never let her change. Everyone needs a best friend like that. And making sure JJ was looking after her when he couldnt. They are just so damn cute. I love to see Morgan in "papa bear" mode. No one is going hurt Penelope on his watch....never again.

Great case, finally a little more on the pathology. I loved the continuity, coming back to the rabid bear and how it wasnt a bear at all. I wanted to see Hotch shove his fist down that dude's throat. He cant stand abusive parents, it brings out "ass whooping!Hotch" and I for one am always happy to see him.

The BAU in coats, I know you guys I am just as shocked as you. And casual!Hotch!!!! Dont worry, that's just me falling over again.

This episode gets a ten. A ten and a half, a fifteen. Murry and I loved it from start to finish. This is what I wanted all season instead of two, three, and four week breaks. I wanted teaminess and good stories and profiling and pathology and a little OMG, eww! You cant have a good Criminal Minds without at least one "OMG, eww!" Am I right?

Oh, and the world would be a better place with more redhead Garcia icons. IJS. The girl is beautiful. Her outfit at the end, I was in awe of her. I mean, I'm a total Prentiss fangirl, and she had on a skirt again this week, but Penelope, meow, she's hot.

I dont wanna go to bed and go to work tomorrow but I was spared a BS staff meeting this week so I think showing up and pickin my cotton is the least that I can do. What did you guys think of the episode? Oh yeah, and re-pimp for The Air I first leap into "almost, sorta, kinda" case fic.
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