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So, I was in my cubicle minding my business this morning and all of a sudden a name popped into my head....David Garza. My best friend Heather and I loved him in college. His major label debut, This Euphoria, was our soundtrack....and Slave was one of my favorite songs. I had forgotten about him until that moment. How is that possible when he was so integral to 1998 and 1999? I ordered his CD tonight and bought Slave and Kinder off iTunes. I love him sooooo much and am happy my brain woke up and rediscovered him.

Moving on the season finale of Criminal Minds........

Well, Bernero and Co. are now one for five in giving me season finales that I find compelling and its actually an accident that they have one. I love No Way Out 2 but the finale was supposed to be Doubt, canceled because of the Virginia Tech massacre......and Doubt really is just an OK episode. Anyhoo.....

*The case got compelling too late. I told Murry when he kept interrupting Morgan with the kid that Spicer had a kid and this whole thing made him uncomfortable. But you had to wait til 9:40 to tell me he was a victim too and this was some kind of payback.

*Too much talking and very little action, slow, just as I felt To Hell and Back was. I kept waiting for someone to jump out of the closet with the *gotcha* just to get my blood pumping.

*A bit of a waste of Tim Curry and Robert Davi, though I am sure we will see more of them in the Season 6 premiere.

*Hotch and Prentiss in the car together during a blackout!!!!!!! Thank you Ed, thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!!! It's small, but its something. I do not base my feelings on any episodes because of subtext or the lack thereof but this was about the only thing that made me smile tonight. Well that and the minimal Garcia. Payback for mucho screen time over the past two weeks I guess.

*Both Murry and I kept screaming for Spicer to man up. Seriously. And I also thought Eric Close was a biscuit but have never been impressed with his acting abilities. Still not.

*Surprised I didnt have to sit through any concerned "Mama" JJ moments. Happy as hell, but surprised.

*Morgan is going to take this personally. He also does. He doesnt like people messing with kids and he tried, but failed, to get Spicer to be strong. He never got to give Foyet the ass-whooping he so richly deserved.....the Prince of Darkness can take that too when the time comes.

All in all, meh. But I'm not surprised so I just wait for Season 6. It could've been really good, the ingredients were there, but it just didnt come together for me. It was too slow. I knew at 9:30 when I leaned back on the couch that I was kinda bored. While I know every one cant be action-packed, I expect the season finale to be a buildup to something, even a "to be continued". But its over and the summer is here. I'm thinking of getting into Flashpoint....those commercials were pretty awesome.

So, what did you guys think? Good, bad, awesome, indifferent.....all opinions are welcome.
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