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DO NOT POST IN THE [ profile] bau_inbox. THANK YOU.

After three weeks my show is back and its back strong. I still have some bones to pick with Mr. Bernero but I love him too. So lets get to it, shall we?

He Actually Called her Kitten )

What did you guys think? Oh, and I now have 6 people who have given in and read a Rossi/Strauss and that makes me happier than a pig in slop. Who's next? Give it a try. Liking it isnt a requirement but you'll never know if you dont try. My latest AU, Of Facial Hair and Freudian Slips is up at [ profile] lairofthemuses.
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PLEASE DONT POST IN THE [ profile] bau_inbox. THANK YOU : )

OMG, work today was insane and I have to go to court at 8:45 tomorrow morning. Not fun you guys. So lets talk about something that makes me happy. We all know what that is.....

Is he on to you? )

Come on in. Discuss, discuss, discuss. This is the 1st Wednesday Criminal Minds is back since I started my go to bed at a decent hour routine. Lets see how that goes tonight.
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PLEASE DO NOT POST IN THE [ profile] bau_inbox. THANK YOU.

They played a Grammy commercial and I am sure I will be singing that damn song till the weekend. But that's not what I'm here to discuss (and probably the less I talk about it the better). So, onward and upward.

btw, I like your nails )

That's it guys, I'm pooped. Is this damn week over yet? [ profile] lizi0527 inadvertently gave me an idea for a fic and this one might get a post-ep as well, I'm still thinking about it. And I'm out.
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PLEASE DO NOT PUT IN THE [ profile] bau_inbox. THANK YOU : )

Murry had her window open and I was shivering like a mofo. But I didnt want to miss anything so I didnt get up to close the window. If I end up in the hospital with pneumonia can I send the bill to Ed Bernero?

Spoilers )
OK, that's what I got. What do you guys have to say? Agree? Disagree? Just want to come in to squee or complain or whatever. Another Wednesday night, another satisfied customer.
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DO NOT POST IN [ profile] bau_inboxTHANKS : )

I need to make a correction from yesterday's GM did not have her son dressed in head to toe Prada, it was actually Burberry.  Just wanted to make sure I put that out there.  Also, I was way too tired tonight to make my Hamburger Helper....I was in full lazy git mode.  So since Murry made chuck roast last night I didnt starve.  Good for me.  Now, the real reason I'm here, to talk about my show.  Shall we?

I Scream, You Scream, We all Scream for.......... )

As always, come on in and discuss.  Agree, disagree, love it or hate it.....I'm open to all conversation and interpretation.


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