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Jan. 1st, 2012 06:21 pm
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Hey friends! It's 2012, I'm new to Dreamwidth and most of my friends list here are not people who followed me over from livejournal. I know, this shocks the hell outta me too. So I thought I would do a post where I talk about myself and get it all out of the way.

I'm a writer, first and foremost. Outside the boundaries of my head, I work in accounting and receivables for a property management company.

I live in Philly, share a house with Murry (my mother). Saying I live with Murry is much cooler than saying I live with my mom. Since we both share financial responsibility I prefer to look at it like roommates.

More Insight into Me )

I guess that's a good introduction to me. Just reading my journal will help getting to know me better cuz this is my no holds barred place. I'm honest about thoughts and feelings on everything from the mundane to the super serious. I usually post once a day, everyday, its a true blue journal for me. Sometimes I post more but not like 5 times a day...that's what Twitter is for. So I hope we all get to know each other better in these coming months and Dreamwidth can become a new home for me.
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DO NOT POST IN THE [livejournal.com profile] bau_inbox. THANK YOU.

I was so excited when I found a pair of socks with no toe holes this morning. Imagine my surprise when I went to put on my shoe and my whole heel was out. How the hell did I miss that? Other highlights of the day.....

*I worked at work, only wrote fic at lunch.
*macaroni and beef for lunch....yum
: )
*therapy was really good. Discovered more things about myself, always great.
*They canceled The New Adventures of Old Christine and paying Charlie Sheen $2 million an ep to stay on Two and Half Men for 2 more seasons. WTF?
*Crazy AU characters in my head are changing the game approximately halfway through. Not fair.

OK, lets get to the show, shall we?

It's how the FBI caught me )

Well, that's all I got. It was kinda long but I dont think I said that much. Not as good as the last two weeks, maybe there was too much whuh to give anything my full attention, but I liked it. I almost always like my show. What did you guys think?


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