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I had weird ass dreams that included my estranged sister (never a good thing), my cat being sick (also not a good thing), karaoke with a bunch of Japanese guys (I think that was actually a movie plot within one of my dreams), and then hanging on to some construction waiting for the construction elevator to come up and get me after another person went down except it never came back up. So I was hanging there crying, thinking I would fall and die. Yeah....good times. Weird dreams about being awkward, helpless, angry, and unable to release my anger. I dont even want to get into what all of that must mean.

Today One Life to Live goes off the air after 44 year and over 11,000 episodes. It was always one of my favorite soaps because the characters were the most real, regular, down to Earth on the soaps. They werent all doctors, lawyers, models, and socialites....they were real people too. And while they had some crazee stuff over the years like time travel back to the Wild West, trips to Heaven, and let us not forget Viki and her many personalities, there have definitely been some great realistic storylines covered as well. Its the end of an era for sure. And I really will miss just being able to flip it on and within 20 minutes or so know most of what's going on. Its also one of the few soaps that didnt brush aside its veterans completely for a bunch of young studs and vacuous blondes that are of no interest to anyone whatsoever. They made growing old gracefully and being in love (lust, in & out of love, etc.) sexy while they were at it. Also, like Castle before me, I am almost positive that I wouldnt be a writer today if it wasnt for soaps and this one in particular. No one can develop a character like a soap opera.

Thank God its Friday!!! I dont know if its just me but this has been the LOOOOONGEST week ever. Holy moly! We have a three day weekend coming cuz Martin Luther King Day is on Monday. Yay!!! Yay for the holiday and for the time off. He is the only African-American with a national banking holiday in the United States, even if some states still refuse to acknowledge its existence. I know he's kinda the cliche, go-to black person for like everything historic but maybe this weekend you should take a look back at his life and was pretty fuckin extraordinary. While there are surely more African-Americans who should be praised, acknowledged, and given holidays, that will never take away from Dr. King's well-deserved legacy. Its not just "black" history...its American history.

OK, I need to relax for about 10 minutes or so and then I have to jump full force into this day. I hope its a good one for all of us.


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