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Birthdate:Apr 20
Location:Pennsylvania, United States of America
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--coffee drinker

If my life were a film, Rachel True would play me. I'd have an adorable boyfriend, a hot girlfriend, a kickass job working for an awesome magazine ala Vanity Fair, a regular coffee shop, a coveted studio apartment, two super-cool best friends, a Yorkie, would know yoga, smoke foreign cloves, and ride everywhere on my Schwinn. I'd probably have a British accent too but I dont wanna ask for too much : )

Welcome to [personal profile] mcgarrygirl78's journal. Passing through you're bound to see fangirl squee, proletariat rants, fic pimping, rare pairing, random rambles, interpretation of junk food induced dreams, and lots of thoughts on music, writing, friendship, family, and the world at large. I enjoy Criminal Minds, mothership Law & Order, Body of Proof, anything on Investigation Discovery channel, and the occasional no holds barred Gilmore Girls marathon with my mom. When not writing fanfiction, trying to catch up on sleep, online shopping, or eating breakfast sausage, I'm a proletariat for a mid-sized property management company. Its soul sapping work sometimes but I love what I do.

I'm into a little of everything, or a lot. I'm a reader, a writer, a nerd, a music fanatic, a pajama lover, a talker, a coffee drinker, a cartoon watcher, a laugh riot, a text messenger, a carnivore, a fangirl, someone who lives inside her head too much, a shower singer, a sock shopper (and shoes too), sleep deprived, a list goes on and on and on.

I enjoy people who have a variety of interests and welcome them into my world. Conversation makes the world go round and new people, as well as old friends, will get plenty here. Anything political or ranty will be be under a cut but sometimes I have to let my feelings be known about everything. Some of my opinions arent always popular but they are mine.

So come on in, pull up a chair, stay a while and chat. The party will begin shortly and its going to be a lot of fun.

ONE RULE AND ITS GOLDEN: Do unto others as you'd have done unto you. As long as everyone remembers that things will be just fine.

Also, if you're interested in reading my fic, mostly Criminal Minds with a variety of ships and genres, I run [community profile] lairofthemuses and it can all be found there. I've got no problem pimping the stories...writing is my thing and most writers are shameless whores.

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Date Created:10-18-2007
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mcgarrygirl78 is an avid writer. She loves coffee and frequently cringes while doing the proletariat shuffle.
Strengths: loyalty, brains, funtiems, writing, coffee drinking.
Weaknesses: Holds onto things too long. Ignores lactose intolerance. Not a morning person.
Special Skills: writing, fangirling, online shopping, snacking, belting out oldies.
Weapons: gel pen, coffee mug, Chucks, cell phone, orange soda.
Squee: Paget Brewster, writing, friends, coffee, music, interwebs, weekends.

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alternate universes, andy rooney, ang lee films, anne boleyn, antonia's line, beyonce, billy joel, biographies, black honey lipgloss, body of proof, book em danno, bookstores, breakfast, british accents, characters in my head, charles gibson, classic films, coffee, conversation, criminal minds, cubicle singing and dancing, cutter/rubirosa, dictionaries, documentaries, dr. seuss, dylan thomas, elton john, emily prentiss, emma thompson, erin strauss, fanfiction, gel pens, gideon/prentiss, googling myself, hating kristen chenoweth, hawaii five-o, heavy metal, hillary rodham clinton, history, hitchcock films, hot child in the city, hotch/prentiss, icons, investigation discovery, jack mccoy, jane austen, jason gideon, jay-z, jill biden, john cusack, john spencer, kate winslet, katharine hepburn, laughing uncontrollably, law and order, leo mcgarry, lisa loeb, literature, love songs, lustful jewish men, manhattan, martha jones, martina mcbride, martinis, messenger bags, michelle obama, miranda hobbes, modern rock, morrissey, music, obscure historical references, oldies, paget brewster, pajamas, patricia clarkson, peter jennings, photography, pilot gel pens, political theory, rachel true, rainy days, rashida jones, reading, redheads, rilo kiley, rizzoli and isles, road trips, robert b. parker, rossi/strauss, sam champion, sam kassmeyer, sam/jessie, sarah mclachlan, saturdays, simon and garfunkel, social commentary, socks, sonnet #130, spenser, spock/uhura, squeeage, suspense novels, suspense thrillers, tee shirts, that part where they kiss at the end, the boondocks, the carpenters, the smiths, the sugarcubes, the thin man, the west wing, toronto, travel, volunteerism, walking, washington dc, wendy wasserstein, whit stillman films, woody allen films, writing, writing fanfic at work
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