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I had weird ass dreams that included my estranged sister (never a good thing), my cat being sick (also not a good thing), karaoke with a bunch of Japanese guys (I think that was actually a movie plot within one of my dreams), and then hanging on to some construction waiting for the construction elevator to come up and get me after another person went down except it never came back up. So I was hanging there crying, thinking I would fall and die. Yeah....good times. Weird dreams about being awkward, helpless, angry, and unable to release my anger. I dont even want to get into what all of that must mean.

Today One Life to Live goes off the air after 44 year and over 11,000 episodes. It was always one of my favorite soaps because the characters were the most real, regular, down to Earth on the soaps. They werent all doctors, lawyers, models, and socialites....they were real people too. And while they had some crazee stuff over the years like time travel back to the Wild West, trips to Heaven, and let us not forget Viki and her many personalities, there have definitely been some great realistic storylines covered as well. Its the end of an era for sure. And I really will miss just being able to flip it on and within 20 minutes or so know most of what's going on. Its also one of the few soaps that didnt brush aside its veterans completely for a bunch of young studs and vacuous blondes that are of no interest to anyone whatsoever. They made growing old gracefully and being in love (lust, in & out of love, etc.) sexy while they were at it. Also, like Castle before me, I am almost positive that I wouldnt be a writer today if it wasnt for soaps and this one in particular. No one can develop a character like a soap opera.

Thank God its Friday!!! I dont know if its just me but this has been the LOOOOONGEST week ever. Holy moly! We have a three day weekend coming cuz Martin Luther King Day is on Monday. Yay!!! Yay for the holiday and for the time off. He is the only African-American with a national banking holiday in the United States, even if some states still refuse to acknowledge its existence. I know he's kinda the cliche, go-to black person for like everything historic but maybe this weekend you should take a look back at his life and was pretty fuckin extraordinary. While there are surely more African-Americans who should be praised, acknowledged, and given holidays, that will never take away from Dr. King's well-deserved legacy. Its not just "black" history...its American history.

OK, I need to relax for about 10 minutes or so and then I have to jump full force into this day. I hope its a good one for all of us.

Hello There

Jan. 1st, 2012 06:21 pm
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Hey friends! It's 2012, I'm new to Dreamwidth and most of my friends list here are not people who followed me over from livejournal. I know, this shocks the hell outta me too. So I thought I would do a post where I talk about myself and get it all out of the way.

I'm a writer, first and foremost. Outside the boundaries of my head, I work in accounting and receivables for a property management company.

I live in Philly, share a house with Murry (my mother). Saying I live with Murry is much cooler than saying I live with my mom. Since we both share financial responsibility I prefer to look at it like roommates.

More Insight into Me )

I guess that's a good introduction to me. Just reading my journal will help getting to know me better cuz this is my no holds barred place. I'm honest about thoughts and feelings on everything from the mundane to the super serious. I usually post once a day, everyday, its a true blue journal for me. Sometimes I post more but not like 5 times a day...that's what Twitter is for. So I hope we all get to know each other better in these coming months and Dreamwidth can become a new home for me.
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Lair of the Muses is now live on Dreamwidth!!!

There's a little hiccup with old fics and new fics, as I've stated, but I've got one of the most anal tag systems in the history of tag systems so betcha you can find what you're looking for in like one click. If you like my fic, would like to try my fic, or just wanna be a pal and support, you can join today. All future fics will be crossposted here and at livejournal so no friend will miss any of the good stories they're looking for : )
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PLEASE DONT POST IN THE [ profile] bau_inbox. THANK YOU.

I left the plantation at 1:30, ran an errand, got some lunch, and brought myself home. I put my pajamas back on and maxed out on my bed with my laptop and my brand new AU. I typed up the first 15 pages for a still untitled story that puts a twist on It Takes a Village and has Emily and Ian as estranged parents of a kidnapped boy. Since nothing much else is going on, and that is just fine by me, I thought I would post the beginning here and try to get some feedback. Dont everyone jump at once *lol* Love or hate Ian Doyle, I would love to know what people think.

Now I'm gonna go and get some dinner and finish relaxing. Plans to clean have been postponed but not officially canceled.

I have like 5 ideas for titles for this and none of them quite give me that good shiver. Know what I mean? )


Aug. 28th, 2011 06:23 pm
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PLEASE DONT POST IN THE [ profile] bau_inbox. THANKS : )

OK guys, you know I'm writing an AU where Emily's in a rock band and she's being stalked. Well its called Babylon, after the name of Emily's band. I decided to post a piece, since I'm 15,000 words in and almost 40 pages. Its killing me cuz I have to make it a case fic but its also one I'm working hard on and wanna share. So I'm sharing. Here is Hotch and Prentiss, meeting for the first time. Hope you enjoy is loverly.

Babylon )


Aug. 16th, 2011 09:02 am
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This is a public post, I havent had one of those in a while and I'm sure I'll make it private again once I start getting all the spam.

I've been going through some things and its time to make some changes. I'm doing a friends cut. LJ has been less busy than before, which I guess happens with all things, but its more than that. Its time for some relationships to just come to an end for me. As I've always said, there should be no hard feelings, its not a personal thing and it never will be. There have been good times with every single person on my f-list over the years and I enjoyed our time.

Anyway, no point in rambling on. Thank you for all the time we've had together.
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You guys know what time it is.....COMMENT FIC!!!!

Let's get it started, Criminal Minds het ships and character pieces. AU, canon, fanon, and all those strange but fun places in between. More than one prompt is great and expect stories in the evening since the man has me on a short leash these days. I'm still in the mood for fun though and I hope you guys are too : )

On your mark get set, go!
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I dont often do public posts as you end up with a vast amount of comment spam from people you never heard of with weird sentences about Harry Potter or Twilight. But there are many people who I am 'friends of' because of my fic and I wanted them to be able to see this too. I hate to call this the post where I toot my horn, that's not it. I wrote 196 fics in 2010. Here are some that stood out for me. Maybe others stood out for you and that's awesome. It's time for the [ profile] cmfanficawards nominations so if you like my fic, here are some of last year's highlights IMO.

A Lot of Fic for the Year, and a lot of Categories )

Some of you have read a lot of these stories. Some of you might have an adventure doing that now. Some might turn of your nose and not really like my fic, pairings, or scenarios at all. And still another group might think there are some fics I didnt even mention that fit the categories better. This is just a sampling of a lot of fic I wrote last year and I wanted to share it with you guys. Have fun!
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I did another small friends cut. No hard feelings of course. Most of the people cut are people who never post, fandom friends who I talk to in [ profile] lairofthemuses but never really talk to here. There may be a little more snipping over the next few days but I think things are cool for now. As everyone knows this is my comfy place where I talk about everything in my life. I'm happy with the people I share this space with and want to continue having many good times.
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I've done a small friends cut, it was the best thing for me. I need to be comfortable here, this is my good place, and I feel like I'm getting closer to that now. I wish all of the people who have been on my f-list, past and present, the best. We've all had our share of ups and downs but nothing was done to be mean. I just have to put my comfort first since this is my little slice of heaven. And of course the usual of some people just stop posting regularly or we just dont have enough in common still applies.

Thanks everybody, for everything.
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Hey, I'm in the mood for some comment fic that might turn into more, I dont know. But give me a pairing or character, a scenario, and have some fun. I will write Criminal Minds and I guess a little West Wing but I'm not in the mood for CJ/Abbey....sorry. I'll try anyone else....slash doesnt scare me.
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PLEASE DO NOT POST IN THE [ profile] bau_inbox. THANK YOU.

So, I was in my cubicle minding my business this morning and all of a sudden a name popped into my head....David Garza. My best friend Heather and I loved him in college. His major label debut, This Euphoria, was our soundtrack....and Slave was one of my favorite songs. I had forgotten about him until that moment. How is that possible when he was so integral to 1998 and 1999? I ordered his CD tonight and bought Slave and Kinder off iTunes. I love him sooooo much and am happy my brain woke up and rediscovered him.

Moving on the season finale of Criminal Minds........

Word! )

So, what did you guys think? Good, bad, awesome, indifferent.....all opinions are welcome.


May. 21st, 2010 11:58 am
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Hey guys? Can anyone think of an actor who guest starred on Criminal Minds in the past five seasons who has gray/silver hair and would be considered attractive? It's for my New England AU.

Thanks for your help!
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DO NOT POST IN THE [ profile] bau_inbox. THANK YOU.

I was so excited when I found a pair of socks with no toe holes this morning. Imagine my surprise when I went to put on my shoe and my whole heel was out. How the hell did I miss that? Other highlights of the day.....

*I worked at work, only wrote fic at lunch.
*macaroni and beef for lunch....yum
: )
*therapy was really good. Discovered more things about myself, always great.
*They canceled The New Adventures of Old Christine and paying Charlie Sheen $2 million an ep to stay on Two and Half Men for 2 more seasons. WTF?
*Crazy AU characters in my head are changing the game approximately halfway through. Not fair.

OK, lets get to the show, shall we?

It's how the FBI caught me )

Well, that's all I got. It was kinda long but I dont think I said that much. Not as good as the last two weeks, maybe there was too much whuh to give anything my full attention, but I liked it. I almost always like my show. What did you guys think?
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PLEASE DONT POST IN THE [ profile] bau_inbox. THANK YOU.

Receptionist Kim may be getting fired tomorrow. In other news, I wrote my TV show within a fic fic that I had been working on. It's the sequel to Jack 'Pres' Preston, and I had a blast writing it. I also decided that I need to stop being so crabby about things I can do nothing about including the opinions of others and just love my show, my ships, and everything else I skip over. The popular kids are always going to be the popular kids and I'm always gonna be me. The beat goes on. And now the show.....

I Like to Think of Him as Jason Bourne...... )

I dont wanna go to bed and go to work tomorrow but I was spared a BS staff meeting this week so I think showing up and pickin my cotton is the least that I can do. What did you guys think of the episode? Oh yeah, and re-pimp for The Air I first leap into "almost, sorta, kinda" case fic.


May. 8th, 2010 01:48 pm
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I did a small friends cut. I just need to close ranks a little, nothing personal of course. Some people I dont have a lot in common with or they arent on much. Thanks to everyone who I've been friends with over the time here with all of you has been amazing.
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DO NOT POST IN THE [ profile] bau_inbox. THANK YOU.

After three weeks my show is back and its back strong. I still have some bones to pick with Mr. Bernero but I love him too. So lets get to it, shall we?

He Actually Called her Kitten )

What did you guys think? Oh, and I now have 6 people who have given in and read a Rossi/Strauss and that makes me happier than a pig in slop. Who's next? Give it a try. Liking it isnt a requirement but you'll never know if you dont try. My latest AU, Of Facial Hair and Freudian Slips is up at [ profile] lairofthemuses.
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PLEASE DO NOT POST IN THE [ profile] bau_inbox. THANK YOU.

Murry had church this evening so I watched Criminal Minds all by myself. The last time I did that was the one with the wolf pack killing the people in DC. Its not as fun alone, I dont have anyone to talk to. The TV and the cat dont answer back. But lets get to it, shall we.....

No Habla Ingles )

So, what did you guys think? Murry just got home, I filled her in a little bit, and now I'm gonna finish up my Something More fic and take my butt to bed.
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PLEASE DO NOT POST IN THE [ profile] bau_inbox. THANK YOU.

My show was back people. My show was back after four weeks off. So here we go......

The Spinoff )

So what did you guys think? Also, *pimp alert* Part 10 of Thicker than Water is up at [ profile] lairofthemuses. Check it out. *pimp alert* over.


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