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My show was back people. My show was back after four weeks off. So here we go......

OK, the characters from the spinoff are intriguing. I love their dusty ass set-up, it was just my kinda place. Forest Whitaker, receding hair line ex-con, fresh face girl, and hottie Brit = new team. Old team was kinda made of win too. Prentiss, even with the fringe kicking all ass. I loved the scene chasing the junkie through the streets. You know I loved the flirting (why do they all flirt with Prentiss? Except Will). I am intrigued to find out more about Prophet because he was the character I thought I was going to like the most but didnt get enough tonight. So lets talk about my show, shall we?

--compelling case. Always a win.
--splitting the teams so we see one character we love and one character we might want to get to know. Good idea.
--Hotch looks damn good in a suit. IJS.
--Strauss. "Dont be insolent". I just loved that line. I love that woman.
--Not much Garcia or Reid but I loved how Garcia thought Sam Cooper was "just a story".
--How badass do you have to be to handpick your team.
--Crazy Unsub was crazy. Making men fight to the death and then killing the fathers and daughters. I liked how the two events collided, losing his daughter to social services and then her death while he was in prison making for super mc-crazy Unsub. That dude used to play Peter on Days of Our Lives.
--The 1st thing I said to Murry when Strauss called was "I hope Hotch loves her shoes because they are about to be in his ass".
--Sending the video to the mother to let her know he means business....that's scary and sad. How come no other woman came forward to say that happened to them. Well maybe they did, since the police didnt connect the cases.....wait, but shouldnt that have immediately connected the cases? Hmm.....I'm thinking now.
--Possible jealous!Hotch fic potential on that. No subtext but it was good to see Prentiss in the spotlight being badass. And her quip at the end about his I need to tell you how much I love that woman.

I'm giving this ep a nine out ten, good introduction to the new team and sparking my interest just enough to possibly watch the spin-off, if my attention span can handle it. I told Murry the network's best bet was to move CSI:NY and put it on after Criminal Minds so I wouldnt forget. I can at least give the pilot a chance now to see how they fly on their own.

Next week's episode preview was kinda a "whuh?" for me. I guess I can just wait and see. I'm just glad my show is back. Who's with me?

So what did you guys think? Also, *pimp alert* Part 10 of Thicker than Water is up at [ profile] lairofthemuses. Check it out. *pimp alert* over.
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