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I dont often do public posts as you end up with a vast amount of comment spam from people you never heard of with weird sentences about Harry Potter or Twilight. But there are many people who I am 'friends of' because of my fic and I wanted them to be able to see this too. I hate to call this the post where I toot my horn, that's not it. I wrote 196 fics in 2010. Here are some that stood out for me. Maybe others stood out for you and that's awesome. It's time for the [ profile] cmfanficawards nominations so if you like my fic, here are some of last year's highlights IMO.

A Lot of Fic for the Year, and a lot of Categories )

Some of you have read a lot of these stories. Some of you might have an adventure doing that now. Some might turn of your nose and not really like my fic, pairings, or scenarios at all. And still another group might think there are some fics I didnt even mention that fit the categories better. This is just a sampling of a lot of fic I wrote last year and I wanted to share it with you guys. Have fun!


Feb. 23rd, 2010 09:26 am
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I'm doing another PROMPT-A-THON over at [ profile] lairofthemuses. You guys have given me jewels in the past so if you're interested, pop in and let me know. Lets all get together and make this day more enjoyable. Drabbles, ficlets, epic fics of epicness.....I'm up for anything. Details at my writing comm. Thanks guys!
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DO NOT PUT IN THE [ profile] bau_inbox. THANK YOU.

Survived obligatory office BS Christmas party and booked it out of there at 20 to nine. Crossed through the parking lot and ran into a friend of my mom who gave us a ride home. Got home at 8:56.....four minutes to spare. Whoo *wipes brow* You know why we're here though.

I Hate Rose Petals...... )

I wrote Jack and Stella #6 at work today and have opened a door for #7. I got a blender/wave/juicer thingie in the office Pollyanna. I gave Murry my Christmas list and it has affordable, yet awesome, stuff on it. Ooh, and I got a fic idea from tonight's episode. Ed loves me, and he knows it, and he shows it. I miss Hotch/Prentiss so I am very excited. What did you guys think?


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